Deutz, formerly known as Deutz Geldermann,has its roots in Ay, one of Champagne’s historic and most renowned terroir.The house was founded in 1838 through the association of William Deutz with Pierre-Hubert Geldermann, both wine merchants from Aix-La Chapelle.Convinced that a fine vineyard was the cornerstone of great wines, Geldermann, a Champagne salesman, and Deutz, a negociant, started buying top quality plots and making wine. By combining their technical expertise, knowledge of markets and will to succeed, they developed the firm internationally.

Since its foundation in 1838 Deutz champagnes have been characterized by the 3 F:Finesse, Freshness & Fine.

Throughout its history Deutz has become the epitome of understated excellence and this is due to the work done by each generation, every one making the effort to develop the brand whilst maintaining many of the wine-making techniques and philosophies instilled since the early times: Deutz selects only top quality grapes, almost 80% of these coming from “Grand Cru” and “Premier Cru” villages , vinifies them in vats of stainless steel instead of wood, temperature controlled – some of them are completely frozen to imitate the winter, season in which the Champagne is transported – and avoids all oxidation.

Even off the press, grapes must show excellent balance, with an average potential alcoholic strength of 10,7° and 8 grams/litre of acidity.

The philosophy of the House is based on precision and patience, cellar master must retain only the best quality pressings from all grapes and each vat must contain the still wine from a carefully identified vineyard plot.

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